Industry Experience

Turn to Behavioral Science Research for research you can use.  Immediately.  With confidence.  In the marketplace, in the boardroom, or in court.


Advertising & Media

Turn to BSR for news content analysis, advertising testing, layout and format evaluation, concept refinement and co-incidentals and more . . .

We also excel at tracking studies for newspapers, television stations, local and national advertising agencies, radio stations and the largest Spanish-language broadcasting company in America.

Featuring PercepTrac - BSR′s premier second-by-second perception analysis system!


From local thrifts to international banks, from small insurers to the largest insurance provider in the United States - we have the experience.

Choose BSR for commercial and retail banking product and practice studies, new product analysis, reorganization, merger and acquisition studies, public image and advertising studies, employee benefit, investment analyses and more . . .

Colleges & Universities

Whether you're a small independent college or a private or public university, we have the expertise for the job.

We offer image studies, academic effectiveness analysis, recruitment advertising analysis, corporate support analysis, internal corporate climate studies and more . . .

Electric Utilities

BSR was the first American company to win Japan′s Deming Award for corporate quality. Our clients include regional power providers, statewide utilities and municipals.

Trusted for transmission reliability tests, commercial and industrial needs assessments, cogeneration competition analysis, residential customer satisfaction, conservation studies and more . . .

Government Agencies

Our clients include local cities and counties, federal agencies, and the largest international information provider in the Americas.

We provide program evaluation, organizational effectiveness studies, impact and disparity studies, specialized social problem planning, travel influx analysis, transportation planning and analysis and more . . .

Health Care

Serving national hospital management companies, physician′s associations, private hospitals, major health insurers, medical equipment manufacturers and regulatory agencies, and the largest supplier of absorbent bandages in the world.

We perform hospital image studies, internal organization studies, physician recruitment and referral studies, consumer preferences analysis and more . . .

Heavy Industry

Working with domestic cogeneration providers, construction equipment manufacturers, waste management companies, Japanese-American joint ventures, and the provider of the most efficient flue gas desulfurization process in the world.

Performing public awareness and opinion studies, infrastructure planning, new technology acceptance, buy vs. manage studies, labor relations studies and more . . .


Working with major criminal cases, multimillion-dollar libel trials, trademark infringement cases, and assessments of damages.

Providing venue surveys, jury profile analysis, unbiased measurement of public opinion and perceptions, independent analysis of sensitive data, expert testimony and more . . .

Package Goods, Marketers & Distributors

Whether you need to bring a product to market or find the most effective niche, our experience with distillers, cereal companies, diversified food groups, supermarkets, international businesses and importers will work for you.

Turn to BSR for package analyses, taste tests, advertising analysis, customer use tracking studies, new product and mature product analysis, market niche analysis and more . . .

Real Estate Planning & Development

We′re working with developers throughout the United States, from upscale country club developers to the largest diversified land developer in Florida.

Performing best-use analysis, housing layout studies, market absorption research, resident satisfaction studies and more . . .

Travel, Tourism & Community Development

Railroads, airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, major travel agencies and tour wholesalers, convention and visitors bureaus, and the world′s largest developer of theme amusement parks - we′ve served them all!

Featuring passenger preferences analysis, advertising evaluation, brochure tests, public image studies and more . . .

Assorted Special Services

From political candidates seeking to better their image to citizen groups needing to test the waters on new issues . . . from entrepreneurs seeking a market niche to companies undergoing reorganization and internal employee attitude reviews . . . from restaurant chains testing new menu items to corporations needing an unbiased ongoing tracking of their public image to pari-mutuel facilities seeking to increase their attendance, Behavioral Science Research is the right Market Research corporation for your needs!


Intelligent Solutions

Bringing an extra measure of intelligence and experience to problem-solving.

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