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Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Research
New Product Feasibility Studies

Test new concepts for consumer and business products and services to determine their appeal and profit potential.

Product Penetration, Image, Utilization Studies

Measure how extensively your products and services are used now and measure their future growth potential. Identify the factors that can stimulate product use, clarify product image and expand your market share.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Discover what your customers think of your products and services and isolate the factors that drive customer loyalty. Why did your customers buy for the first time? Why do they continue to buy? Why did they stop buying?

Advertising Impact Evaluation

Measure how well your advertising communicates to your customers and your prospects.

Organizational Development
Workplace Diagnosis (WD)

Map corporate culture, pinpoint problems in departments and demonstrate how to improve employee morale. The WD Survey diagnoses paradigm conflict between top management and departmental workers and provides baseline data for evaluation of the effectiveness of countermeasures.

Coaching for Improved Organization Performance

Identify weak links in communication and processes in dysfunctional organizations with hands-on intervention.

Employee Benefits Analysis

Determine the most and least important elements of your benefits package from the perspective of your employees in order to alert management to areas of dissatisfaction or potential areas of cost savings.

Litigation Support
Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Discuss case issues with mock jurors, evaluate arguments, deliberate over damages, and provide insights about the strengths and weaknesses of the facts at hand.

Community Attitude Surveys

Conduct change of venue studies, juror profiling, media evaluations, and legal issue evaluations (i.e., NGRI, Death Penalty, Tort Reform).

Voir Dire Construction & Jury Selection

Provide clients with the necessary tools to pick a favorable jury and obtain the maximum amount of information from the venire.

Witness Preparation & Evaluation

Gain insight into how your witnesses are perceived, their strengths and weaknesses, techniques for maximizing their effectiveness and comfort level while communicating.


Intelligent Solutions

When simplistic answers and cold numbers are not enough, turn to Behavioral Science Research and get more than just a handful of numbers out of your research.

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