Miami-Dade County Transit

Periodic Community Assessments of Public Transportation Utilization, Attitudes Toward Public Transportation and Likelihood of Future Use

BSR has conducted 12 periodic community surveys of transit users and non-users for Miami-Dade County Transit since its inception in 1980, based on samples of between 1,000 and 1,800 households per survey. The Transit Attitudes and Usage Tracking Study is designed to track the transit rider and non-rider populations of Miami-Dade County on a number of key issues – including usage patterns, rider/non-rider demographics, perceptions of the system, and satisfaction with service delivery – and to measure these results against similar data collected in previous years.

Comprehensive Transit Operations Analysis, Rider Satisfaction and Bus Operator Assessments

BSR undertook a comprehensive analysis of bus schedule adherence, ride timing, rider satisfaction, and bus operator behavior. The project included the following activities:

  • Rider satisfaction surveys conducted in English, Spanish and Creole with over 27,000 riders on board 286 bus routes. The results from this analysis yielded a comprehensive profile of the demographics of individual route riders, origins / destinations, trip purpose and satisfaction measures, concerns about safety, and satisfaction with bus cleanliness and operator safety.
  • Interviews with over 9,200 rail riders on Metrorail were conducted to determine satisfaction with services, origins / destinations and trip purposes, concerns about safety, and interest in using rail to travel to other parts of Miami-Dade County.
  • Interviews with 718 bus and busway drivers, to determine the problem routes and areas of greatest difficulty in handling high volumes of passengers and high congestion. Results indicated that 88 routes had overcrowding problems, schedule problems, deficient shelters, or some combination of these problems.

Origin and Destination Audit to Assess Potential Demand for an East-West Rail Corridor

The study included a two-pronged approach where the first consisted of intercept surveys among persons waiting at departure lounges at Miami International Airport. The second prong was accomplished through the distribution of over 70,000 self-administered postage-paid postcard questionnaires at major intersections along SR 836, NW 12 Street, NW 7 Street, and Flagler Street.

Passenger Volume Study

A calculation of Dade-Broward passenger volume on Broward Transit routes terminating at Aventura Mall and Golden Glades Interchange, to generate data for support of a Northeast Corridor Metrorail extension. This study was accomplished through a combination of on-board “border crossing” counts and on-board surveys of passengers.

Golden Passport Study

Feasibility study to expand the Golden Passport program to provide free transportation to various classes of veterans, and conduct financial analyses of revenue impact of providing this service under varying criteria of eligibility.

Comprehensive Bus Operations Analysis

This was an analysis to check bus capacity and timeliness on 98 bus routes throughout Miami-Dade County, involving 16,000 on-board hours of bus auditing, conducting 26,000 on-board surveys of transit passengers, a 10% sample of the monthly ridership on all routes, conducting interviews with transit operators, and developing a matrix of the trouble spots throughout the bus routes in Miami-Dade County.

Public Opinion Forums

Public opinion forums were conducted in each of 13 Commission Districts, to develop indicators or major transit tax objections and to raise awareness of MDT progress.  Additionally, two Mayoral Transit Summits with community leaders and interested residents were hosted.

Miami-Dade Parks

Park and Recreation Usage, Awareness and Needs Tracking Study

A park and recreation usage, awareness and needs tracking study, based on 1,100 telephone surveys among residents of every Zip code in the County.

Attitudes Toward Park Concessions and Amenities Study

Study of registered voters and park visitors, measuring user attitudes toward park concessions and voter attitudes toward park amenities. BSRC conducted 1,181 on-site interviews with visitors to 10 Miami-Dade County parks, and 706 telephone interviews among randomly selected registered voters living in Miami-Dade County.

Surveys & Focus Groups

  • Survey of Miami-Dade County residents tracking Parks usage and awareness.
  • Focus group study to determine dynamics of park utilization and response to Park Department publicity.

Miami-Dade Department of Solid Waste Management

Feasibility Survey

Mail survey to 6,000+ residents of Southwest Miami-Dade outside the Urban Development Boundary, to determine feasibility of reducing garbage services in exchange for lower annual waste fees.

Service Utilization & Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey of service utilization and customer satisfaction, based on surveys of 1,000 Department of Solid Waste Management customers, with follow-up survey of 500 residents using automated trash pickup.

Website Usability Analysis

Usability analysis of the Department of Solid Waste Management website.