Behavioral Science Research Corporation’s Clinical Quality Management Team conducts targeted, multidisciplinary education and training programs for agency administrators, medical case managers, peer educators, and outreach workers treating people with HIV.

The training curriculum includes:

    • Science of HIV – Provides medical case managers with background scientific knowledge needed to support their clients.
    • Building an Effective Client & Case Manager Partnership – Promotes understanding of the “unmet needs” of people with HIV in order to empower clients to obtain the resources necessary to address their needs.
    • Comprehensive Service Planning – Enhances basic medical case managers’ skills to better support people with HIV in reaching and maintaining viral load suppression.
    • Self-Care and Boundary Setting – Increases medical case managers’ awareness of the importance of self-care and how to create a culture of self-care while working with people with HIV.
    • Cultural Awareness Series – Provides medical case managers with the tools to work with specified populations within the HIV community and address unique barriers faced by various populations in reaching viral suppression and self-sufficiency.