Hospital and Health Care Image and
Market Share Analysis

Since 1982, BSR has conducted surveys, focus groups and evaluations of patient satisfaction, hospital practice, physician relations and health care delivery. These studies involve both strategic planning for new hospital services and expansion of facilities, and the evaluation of hospital image, advertising impact, and service delivery quality.

Hospital and health care image and market share analysis includes:

    • Market surveys and focus groups to assist hospitals, HMOs, home health care companies, psychiatric care centers, pediatric urgent care centers and nursing homes in planning new services, assessing public image and attain¬ing greater market share. Areas of study have included outpatient urgent care centers, mobile mammography facilities, specialty facilities for children, home health services, skilled nursing home facilities and occupational/physical therapy centers. For several clients, BSR tracks image and awareness through cycles of negative publicity, name changes, facility improvements, growing competition and service expansion.
    • Advertising reaction and impact studies, testing the impact of television commercials and printed material on public opinion, including copy testing, comparative analysis of competitor advertising, and response to specific graphic and copy elements in health care advertising.
    • Name change and public image research for health care, insurance and hospital corporations, assessing the impact of potential new corporate identities on community acceptance.
    • Surveys to measure patient and non patient characteristics, to profile the health care utilization patterns, demographics, psychological needs and hospital image of patient groups and non patient groups, including provider image for specialty services (e.g., burn units, pediatric oncology, weight loss surgery).
    • Focus groups with doctors and health care consumers, to assist hospitals in planning new inpatient services, expand¬ed outpatient services, business and corporate health care programs.