Strategic Planning for Health Care Expansion

Since 1982, BSR has conducted surveys, focus groups and evaluations of patient satisfaction, hospital practice, physician relations and health care delivery. These studies involve both strategic planning for new hospital services and expansion of facilities, and the evaluation of hospital image, advertising impact, and service delivery quality.

Strategic planning for health care expansion includes:

    • Estimations of population growth rates and projected demand for new and expanding hospitals and health care services. Based on sample surveys, demo¬graphic analysis and cohort components population projections, BSR provides catchment-area estimates of net population and key market segment growth and service specific utilization rates, as well as determining the impact of opening branded services in new locations.
    • Litigation support, providing or contesting hospital utilization projections, population growth estimates and assessments of hospital popularity; evaluations of cost effectiveness and hospital demand; detection of Medicaid or pharmacy fraud; detection of provision of unlicensed services; and disputing false advertising claims.
    • Physician relations studies, including focus groups and surveys of physicians to provide insight into referral patterns, overall reputation of hospital services among physicians, and potential attractiveness of new hospital services among physicians.